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I get a huge amount of people contacting me and telling my therehorrific, traumatic stories of how much money they have lost by HYIP programs. I totally empathizewith those victims as I myself have been victim too. I have lost so much money to these con artists and this is why I am so passionate about what I do and how I represent my company Alive FX PTY LTD. Alan Solarsh

Here is some advice for you. Now I’m not an investment coach &Idon’thave a license to give you investment advicebut what I can assist you with is some common sense and logic, before you also get robbed. If you want to invest and make Passive Incomewith forex you have 3 options. Option 1. Is to purchase a good Forex Expert Advisor. Option 2. Is to invest with a company that offer you a hands-off passive income approach. Option 3. Is to use a private individual that also offers a passive income with a hands-off approach. Now here is the advice part. Never ever give your money to a person that does not have a financial license or at the very least evidence of their trading success history. Their history can be uploaded through the MT4/MT5 platform to a companythat is independent from the trader, thus giving you an independent audit report of the trader’s performance. This report displayed by the independent company will give you a GUI breakdown of the trader’s performance and trading history. The most important part of the history is the trader’s drawdown. The drawdown shows YOUthe investor how much capital at any one time is being used during the life of the trading history. If the trader’s drawdown is 50% this shows that 50% of your capital was used to create the profit of a specific trade. 50% isvery high and YOUas the investor need to know that this trader uses a high-risk strategy to produce the results he is offering you. If you have a low-risk appetite, then this trader should be avoided. The next set of number to observe is the number representing the length he has been trading for. I always look for traders with a history longer than 1 year preferably 3 years. Anything less than 1 year, I avoid. Never give your funds to a company that also does not have a financial services license. There are 2 prominent companies that offer the  GUI breakdown. Below are the links

Please ask your trader to produce his fxblu or myfxbook results so you can analyze his results. If he can’t produce the results then avoid him at all costs. He also needs to verify that the results he is showing you from fxblu or myfxbook is in fact his account and that he is not stealing someone else’s results and lying that the results are his. To verify the 2 sets of results askyour trader tosend you his Meta Trader 4/Meta trader 5 investor login information. You can then check his open trades with the fxblu or myfxbook results he shared with you. Then you need to make a judgement call and decide if you want to give your hard earned money to this person you may or may not know in person.

Here is another pro tip...The best way for you to makePassive Incomeis to trade yourself by getting the skill. Here is a fantastic resource on how to read a indicies chart. Once you have the skill, you’ll never let any person,trader or company come near your money again. The challenges of trading yourself are listed below. No time.Fear. No understanding of the markets.You have a greed gene that needs to be controlled. Youtrade emotionally.

I think the biggest challenges are greed and emotions and this is why owning a good Forex Expert Advisormay be the answer for you. Unfortunately,there is no “set and forget system”out there,so the Forex Expert Advisorwill probably need some manual intervention now and again. Make sure you buy a Forex Expert Advisorthat has good trading history from fxblu or myfxbook audited results.

Here are the otherdisadvantages of using a trader or company rather than the Forex Expert Advisor. The trader usually takes a high percentage of the profits ranging from 10-50%. This is quite a chunk of profits gone. A company normally takes a small fee and or a maximum of 30% of the profits generated. This is also a huge chunk of profit gone. The disadvantage of the Forex Expert Advisoris that you may need to manage the software from time to time but the upside is that {all|100% profits generated by Forex Expert Advisorare yours,depending on the brokeryou use. Some brokers take 20-30% when you withdraw your funds. So do your homework. Click here for a great broker!!Make sure you have a good support from the Forex Expert Advisorvendor.

I hope the above info helps you make better trading and investment decisions.

Alan Solarsh

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